How Chocolate may Save the Planet.

Is Chocolate Better Than Kissing?
People (it’s no secret) really like chocolate. The signs are everywhere. Chocolate billionaires proliferate on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world (Michele Ferrero of Italy, who makes Nutella, is worth $27 billion; Forrest Mars, Jacqueline Mars and John Mars, who make Milky Ways, Snickers and M&Ms, are collectively worth about $60 billion).
Then there’s the science.
In 2007, a psychologist now at Mindlab International in Britain, recruited a small number of couples, all in their 20s, attached electrodes to their scalps, monitored their hearts and asked them to suck on pieces of dark chocolate. Which they did.
Researchers studied the effects of eating chocolate.
Next he asked them to kiss. Which they did.8_slide-abe6a901afc795ef54638ad1c846fcb070e2d6cf-s40-c85
Then they studied the effects of kissing.
Then he compared the effect on their bodies — kissing versus tasting chocolate.
It wasn’t a big study (six couples) and it hasn’t been repeated as far as I know, and it may have been sponsored by food companies.
But his findings, , were very pronounced.7_slide-2a69ef448d7ffb712d76a1e19093bb0ca6053aa2-s40-c85
Both kissing and chocolate raised heart rates. But chocolate’s effect was longer lasting and more powerful.
The buzz from chocolate, Lewis , “in many cases lasted four times as long as the most passionate kiss.” Even with its caffeine, sugar and stimulants, “chocolate’s power really surprised us,” Lewis said.
“The study also found that as the chocolate started melting, all regions of the brain received a boost far more intense and longer lasting than the excitement seen with the kissing,” according to the BBC.
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