The Pink Pig Swill.

The Old Guv Government Gazette Comp Room Staff would go like the clappers on a Thursday arvo to get the S.A. Government Gazette out.
There would be Macca, Raggsy, Albert, Jimmy, Dago, Sam, Matey Orrock and me working our arses off to meet the deadline.
We were quite rude bastards and during our tea break would wander off to O’Connell Street in North Adelaide to visit the local wine bar with its dirt floor to get the necessary energy to finish off the Gazette.
The ritual was to order a butcher glass of Port for everyone who showed up (usually seven blokes). So, everyone downed 7 glasses of Port in less than half an hour.
Albert once told the bar owner to “piss off” when he suggested they let the wine breathe. “We haven’t got bloody time for that bullshit,” he said.
Macca would whip off to get fish and chips and extra bottles of beer.
One night the poor bastard almost got run over by a MTT Bus right in the middle of O’Connell Street.
Then it was back to the Old Guv Comp Room with our supplies in tow.
Did we get the Gazette out you may ask?
YES! Week after week, year after year. Well done Bastards…

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