Marjorie Hann and ‘Charlie Cheesecake’.

Marjorie was born in 1916 the only daughter of William James Fisher and Mary Marguerita Fisher, née Bath, of Brougham Place, Alberton.
She was educated at Presbyterian Girls’ College, where she studied art with Maude Priest.
She joined the Royal South Australian Society of Arts as an Associate at age 15, and in the early 1930s studied oil painting under Leslie Wilkie, Gladys Goode and Ivor Hele at the South Australian School of Arts and Crafts in the Exhibition Building on North Terrace.
Leaving school, she worked as a commercial artist for several companies before landing a full-time position with Waterman Brothers, home furnishers of Port Road, Kilkenny, which largely entailed designing and executing showcards and other advertising work.
She was active in amateur theatricals: acting, writing and doimg set and costume design for the Playbox Theatre. She co-wrote a musical comedy “His Royal Highness” in 1938.
During World War II she left Watermans to work at the Holden factory in Woodville, working on technical drawings and instruction documents as part of the “war effort”.
Photo: Marjorie Hann with husband and children (early 1950s).
After World War II, Marjorie Hann illustrated a series of books for children by Kathleen M. Mellor MBE, the first Director of the Lady Gowrie Child Centre.
These were a book on safety entitled “Stop, Look, Listen” and another pair entitled “Now I’m Ready” and “Let’s Go to the Beach”.

In 1947, Adelaide radio personality Bob Fricker (pictured above) created a comic character “Charlie Cheesecake”, a boy who was always getting into trouble, for his breakfast programme on 5AD, and was approached by the Child Safety Council of SA to write and illustrate a similar booklet of “cautionary tale” poems, in collaboration with advertising executive Lloyd A. Wilson.

“The Adventures of Charlie Cheesecake” was published around 1950. Two illustrations, drawn in comic strip style, were given for each predicament, the somewhat gruesome “after” being revealed by lifting a flap.
A follow-up “The Return of Charlie Cheesecake” was published many years later, sponsored by Geo. Hall & Sons (Halls Drinks) and Radio 5AD.
Marjorie also wrote and illustrated a serious comic strip adaptation of Thackeray’s The Rose and the Ring which was serialized in 82 episodes and syndicated throughout Australia.
Marjorie Hann passed away in 2011.
Photo: Our own Alex Riley getting an autograph from Bob Fricker (circa 1949-1950).
Alex writes:
The picture shows Bob Fricker signing my autograph book (I am the kid in the middle).
He was the MC for the day at the Home Service Stores annual picnic at Aldgate Oval.
HSS was where you purchased your groceries before Tom The Cheap came to South Australia. HSS rebranded themselves as Four Square Stores.
Source: Marjorie Hann – Wikipedia

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