The Human Alphabet, circa 1700s.

There is arguably nothing more human than the alphabet, given that language, and particularly written language, often tops the list of qualities which distinguish our dear species most distinctly from others.
To form the letters of these alphabets using the human body is then, perhaps, not so strange a leap, and, in fact, seems to be rather appropriate.
In their own varied ways artists and scribes have been doing it for centuries.
Below we’ve collected some highlights of the many twists and turns of the human font.
[Sources] Varied, [Hat-Tip]  Zoe Typelark / Io9 /

Alphabeth de la Bourbonnoise  (Human Alphabet), 1789 — Source.The Comical Hotch Potch,
The Man of Letters or Pierrot’s Alphabet (1794).
Source: The Human Alphabet – The Public Domain Review

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