The Typograph, 1890.

155-scaled500Manufactured in 1931
 John R. Rogers invented the Typograph in 1890.
It was a simple linecaster, and cheaper to buy than more complex machines.
The Typograph was marketed to small print shops rather than to newspaper printers.
Its matrices were suspended on wires.
As the operator selected characters from the keyboard, the corresponding matrix slid down the wire to the assembly point.
After use the operator tilted back the frame of wires, and the matrices slid back to their original positions.Typograph Stokelds WDB copy
This process had to be repeated after each line was cast, making the Typograph slower than the Linotype.
The design of the Typograph changed little over the years.
This machine came from the offices of Jas. Johnstone & Co., Kingussie, Scotland.
It was in use from 1931 until 1979.

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