China’s Strangest Buildings.


No more novelty buildings’, the Chinese president has declared. Photograph: Wenn/Alamy
by Oliver Wainwright
He’s fed up of phallic towers, had enough of space-age blobs and is really rather cross about architects scattering novelty shapes across his great cities with reckless abandon.
China’s president, has called for an end to the light-headed lunacy of weird buildings that have been spawned by the country’s construction boom over the last decade, crowding out skylines with enormous golden eggs and big pairs of pants.
e4ae6d51-d732-4a42-a2c8-ca1bc9dfeb84-620x465The Meitan Tea Museum in southern Guizhou province, which towers 74m as a proud symbol of the “hometown of Chinese green tea”. Coming complete with a neighbouring tea-cup building, if it were ever filled it would hold 28m litres of tea.
Cities have also seen the results of a newly liberated home-grown creative class, allowed to unleash its talents on a scale never seen before.
The state-owned architectural institutes have also been infected with a taste for the iconic and exotic, while provincial business magnates continue to do their thing with brassy flair.
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