A Wounded Jaguar Limps Home.

There I was blissfully driving along Glen Osmond Road, Adelaide in Jaguar No. 2 motor vehicle over the weekend and had just pulled up for 60 seconds plus, as there was a build-up of vehicles. I  was, say about 30 metres back from the lights. Then the bloke behind me waved to a lady motorist to come out from the side street and place her car behind mine.
What does this F##58831 lady do? She hits the accelerator instead of the brake and drives straight into the back of my beautiful Jaguar No, 2.
Well bugger me. Women F@#$%#@ Drivers.
Then this lady gives me a call on Saturday. She said that I had failed to give her my name.
I asked her if she still had the business card that I handed to her.
She said yes I do and I can see that you are the Chief Executive Officer of Gillingham Printers (a company that ceased to exist 15 years ago).
Editors Note: In fairness to our friend Mr Riley we hope that he will explain the use of a bogus calling card to mislead this poor lady.
Anyway, my Damage bill could be around $4,000 to $4,500 – Just hope the parts are available ASAP.
I’m in need of a new boot lid and rear bumper + rear panel to be realigned.
My crash repairer Pete says the Jag will present problems as it is a lot stronger than the Jap/Korean plastic cars that he usually fixes.
He says he lives off the F#*!&%# women drivers who park at Burnside shopping centre and dent their cars on a monthly basis – he says he loves ’em.
The Toff

2 thoughts on “A Wounded Jaguar Limps Home.

  1. Alex, I say again This is a sexist rant about women driving. Get out of the 19th century mate and Join us in the 21st century. AND why did you use a bogus business card . Was it meant to mislead this dear lady?
    BOO-HOO so you have to get it fixed , you are not short of a quid as I have found out you still owe me that drink.
    Your friend Honky Tonk.


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