Paul Korff.


The late Paul Gerhardt Korff was born 21 April, 1935 at Queen Victoria Hospital. His parents were Frederick and Lurline and brothers were Dick and Karl (Charlie). His sisters were Lurline, Connie and Helen.
He went to Flinders Street Primary, then to Norwood Primary and finally to Norwood Tech where he commenced his Secondary Schooling.
His first job was training as an ‘accountant’ which lasted two weeks. Arriving  at the Old Guv in 1949 he was 14 years of age and only 4 feet 9 inches tall. He forgot all about becoming a Jockey.
At the Guv he started as a “shit boy” but soon became firm friends with Ron Hamence and in 1956 finished his seven year apprenticeship in composition.  He had  just turned 21 years of age, could now legally get on the piss, get a wave from Dawn Fraser at the City Baths and give his full concentration to the Guv Cricket Club Trips to Melbourne that lay ahead.
Paul married Thelma on 8 December, 1962 at Flinders Street Lutheran Church with Charlie Korff as best man and soon the newlyweds welcomed David (1965), Christine (1967) and Martin (1970).
Paul was drawn to the Cricket Trips ‘like shit to a blanket’ where he could get pissed, smoke like a train, run onto cricket grounds half naked and make a dear friend in Tom McDermott (a Victorian) for the next 35 years.
Paul was always wonderful company on those trips.
Outside of work he had tried archery, was a great table tennis player and later represented South Australia at Senior Veterans level.
He was a star performer at lunch time in the Old Guv canteen entertaining everybody around the table tennis table with his speed and competitive spirit.
His love for the South Adelaide Football Club spanned many years and saw him as one of their promotions officers. He put in many hours helping the Club raise funds.
As a youngster he had learnt to play the violin, was a natural green thumb who could do wonders with camellias and every other plant known to man. He loved gardening and continued on even when he was seriously ill. He was a great grandad to the four grandchildren and loved taking photos of all.
At the Old Guv he was a Legend, sometimes for the wrong reasons. One day leaning out the window he noticed a very familiar car drive by the Guv. Yes, it was his and yes, it was being stolen.
At Netley he was the first to have a car nicked from the so-called secure car park, a better car this time.
In 1977 Paul was part of the winning “Ten of Us” syndicate in the Comp room. He was a notorious practical joker and terrorised poor old Ralph Hannant and Bob Miller in the Mono room.
Paul Korff spent 44 years of his life at the Old Guv, he was a good friend, well liked, generous, a lot of fun and a True Legend.

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