“The Old Guv.”

oldguv03-scaled1000This is a beautiful shot looking down King William Road towards The River Torrens.
You’ll notice that the the Old Guv is still by itself, no Parliament House yet.
That makes it before 1936 and by the look of the road transport some time before that.
Is that an early version of the City Baths next to the Guv or some other Building?
The picture is from an Adelaide Postcard kindly provided by Kym Frost.

2 thoughts on ““The Old Guv.”

  1. All good stuff, luvin’ it. My ealiest recollection of the old City Baths was from the mid 1950s and on the KWR frontage was the Turkish Baths, with black and white terrazo (??) visible from the street. Seems there was some possibility that the chimneys were for the wood fires to make the steam. The photo was possibly taken from the top of a brewery on North Terrace about where the Shell Building was later. That building was also about 3 stories above street level which could account for the angle of vision of the GPO roof.There are other stories about a small printer in Apollo Place getting a bit too friendly with the brewery people and inevitably making many more composing and machining mistakes in the afternoons. caxton1947


  2. FROM GRANT HOFMEYERHi Rod, After we spoke about the possibility/probability of there being a ???Ladies??? section of the old ADL City baths, I went back through OGL. In the GPO history folder under ???Old Guv. Circa 1873??? the picture sez that the pic. Is of the Ladies section (with the roof). I can???t see at that enlargement, the several chimneys I thought may have been for the wood/coal fired boilers feeding the Turkish Sauna. I maybe think it might have been coal fired, being so close to the Railway Station. Have found another photo of the GPO from fairly close to the time it was built (1866) showing only the two stories with stone wall and a two wheeled cart and horse on the Railway Road corner. Caxton1947


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