Little George, our own ‘Teddy Tear Arse.’


First of all, let me say that the gentleman above is not George Goodman. Little George looked similar but was shorter of stature and had huge hands.

He was also a real Teddy Tear Arse. He worked on the Bills staff. He started at The Guv when he was about 63 years old. He literally ran while he worked.

The only person on the Bills staff who had anytime for George was Ivan who would steal time from Bills that George completed in half the allotted time.

Neville Gurr would wait out-of-sight in the passage with an 8 page forme. As George ran blindly around the corner he would crash into the forme.

If he showed any sign of going on the hand press all the Comps would rush in front of him and then take their time proofing their jobs.

One person (not me) loosened the quoins on his eight page forme. George in his haste never checked the forme and all the pages went crashing to the floor.

As he approached 65 years of age, he went to the Superintendent and asked to be kept on at work.

But, of course back then they wouldn’t allow it.

When George retired, it was slow and steady again on the Bills staff and Ivan had to work for a change.