The Futuro House, South Morang, Victoria.


Image: Myf Warhurst (ABC TV)
More accurately called Futuro Houses these 20th Century prefabricated homes are often referred to as “UFO Houses”.
The Futuro house was the brainchild of Matti Suuronen, one of a number of Finnish architects and designers who garnered wide recognition for futuristic, post-modern structures and consumer goods.
Along with Alvar Aalto, Eero Saarinen and Viljo Revell, visionary architects like Suuronen put Finland on the map when it came to futuristic, and, well, fantastic expressions of the post-modernist ethos.
I first came across the Futuro House around July 2011 right after I had started the architecture blog “Strange, Weird, Wonderful & Cool Buildings.”
warhurst10Location: South Morang, Victoria.
Since then I have been fascinated by the Futuro House and I have spent many an hour in front of my monitor and tapping on my keyboard researching and collecting all manner of information pertaining to Matti Suuronen’s legacy.
The “Futuro House Project” was my home for all things Futuro but it has grown far beyond what I originally envisaged and has earned its own domain.
The Futuro is a continuing work in progress and my expectation and it will be regularly updated as I uncover more information about the Futuro House.
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