Old Guv versus News Ltd. Footy Match on a Wet Sunday Arvo, 1950s.

I can remember Les Hawes, Superintendent at the time, getting us all together before our first football match and telling us that there would be no injuries during any match.
If there was an injury there would be no sick leave paid. We all complained to no avail.
Don Loose broke an arm, I suffered a corky of the buttock and could not sit down for a week.
Bit of a problem as I was I was working in the Intertype Room as an operator at the time.
Jimmy Walker sent me home and told me not to come back until I could work.
Fortunately, the Bull (Les Hawes) did not enforce his threat of no sick leave.
There were many other injuries suffered by most of the players who were game enough to go in hard for the glory of The Old Guv.

One of the biggest injuries ever was to the Ego of one Glyn Paul (above).
We played in the South Parklands this Sunday against News Ltd, I think.
It had been raining a lot and there were pools of water everywhere.
At the final bell as we were all walking off covered in mud, Glyn Paul walked past with pure white shorts, not a speck of mud anywhere.
How could this be? Was dapper Glyn dodging the action so as not to disappoint his mother when she came to wash his footy clothes.

Pictured: Rex Wells and Glyn Paul. By the look on Glyn’s face even years after the mud incident he still hasn’t forgiven Fitzy.
Rex ‘Fitzy’ Wells came up to me and suggested that Glyn needed to be taught a lesson as he did not have any mud anywhere on his shorts.
Fitzy and I grabbed Glyn and pulled him through as many puddles as we could find.
Glyn did not have white shorts any more. They were covered in mud just like the rest of us.
from Don ‘Flash’ Woolman

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  1. I know, what happens on the ground, stays on the ground but this was given to Rod under trying to help another player in the side. One David Korff, son of Paul Korff, one of our rovers of the day.

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