“Never Trust a Politician.”

Photo: Leigh McCormack, Mike Rann (South Australian Labor Leader) and Andrew Secker (Government Printer).
I can remember when Mike Rann came barnstorming down to the Old Guv at Netley, looking for votes and promising that a Labor Government would never close the Government Printing Office.
Well, we all know what happened…
But, one of Rann’s visits to Riverside did have a lighter side:
Mike Rann to Andrew Secker “I’ve got two questions, Your Baldness…”
“What happened to poor little Leigh’s Hansard Shift Loading and isn’t Sprint the name of some sort of Lemonadey drink?”
Andrew Secker to Mike Rann: “Well Curley, I know nothing.” “But, what I do know is that you will get the arse as Premier in eighteen years time”.
NEWSFLASH: Poor Leigh McCormack who posed for the photo says “I thought I was going to get a free tie to wear that day.”

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