A Wet and Miserable Little Silvereye.

Image Credit: Photo by davetomo · · From Pic of the Week
This little Silvereye is not really enjoying a shower in my backyard.
The Silvereye is a small bird with a conspicuous ring of white feathers around the eye, and belongs to a group of birds known as white-eyes.
The Silvereye shows interesting plumage variations across its range.
The grey back and olive-green head and wings are found in birds through the east, while western birds have a uniformly olive-green back.
Breeding birds of the east coast have yellow throats, pale buff flanks (side of the belly) and white on the undertail.
Wedderburn VIC 3518
Source: ABC OPEN: “Don’t feel like tweeting in the rain!” || From Project: Pic of the Week

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