David Walker.

Born 15 June, 1951 to Betty and Robert. The family, David, Kerry, Julie and parents lived at Hampstead Gardens. David attended Hampstead Primary and then Nailsworth ‘No Girls’ Tech.
Armed with his Intermediate certificate he applied for a Comp Apprenticeship, but to his disbelief was knocked back and started as a Print Minder Apprentice on 3 January, 1967.  
Confined to the basement Print Room soon David became a dirty, smelly popular member of staff but with a dark side that no-one knew about. David met Wendy Gibson and they were married on 14 January, 1972, soon the newlyweds were expecting their first child.
In the meantime David was hard at work down in the greaser pit at King William Road. For hobbies he took up part time soldiering and Archery. Making no secret that he wanted to get into supervision and keep his hands clean David soon became a leading hand.
It was as Night Shift supervisor that we start to see a different man emerge. A fun loving and wicked Dave Walker.
One night on shift, he together with Derry Lockwood managed (with the help of an air hose) to blow a 25 litre plastic container through the Netley Print Room ceiling. The rest of the shift was spent fixing the ballsup with a skinny printer balancing perilously on top of a forklift in an attempt to fix the ceiling ‘bits.’ 
Then just before he left the Old Guv at Netley (taking the separation package) David led a “greaser raiding party” up to Andrew Secker’s office and drank his entire beer fridge dry. Andrew’s reaction the next day was, “I hope you enjoyed yourself last night David.”
How did Dave meet Wendy Gibson. One night Dave took his then girlfriend along to a Hampstead Gardens dance. On arriving, this young lady walked off on David and started talking to a group of young blokes. David was not very impressed so went outside for some fresh air. Now along comes beautiful Wendy. They start to chat and decide to go for a stroll.
In the meantime the official girlfriend thinks “Where’s David?” She spots them in the distance and runs up to Wendy and says, “Bugger off, you bloody tart”. Wendy responded with, “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” The rest is history…
Since retiring David’s hobbies include Bonsai plants, looking after grandchildren and voluntary work. He and Wendy have two boys Darren and Adam and four grandchildren.
David Walker liked by everyone (well almost) you are a Legend.

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