View of Earth from Saturn.

While exploring Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took the top image of Earth from a distance of about 1.45 billion kilometers (898 million miles) away.
NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft was 98 million kilometers (61 million miles) from Earth, in orbit around Mercury, when it acquired the image.
The Cassini view is the third-ever image of Earth from the outer solar system.
Views of Earth from distant planets are rare because our planet is so close to the Sun.
Sunlight would damage the spacecraft’s sensitive imagers, so they are rarely pointed homeward.
However, Cassini was positioned so that Saturn blocked the Sun’s light while Earth was within the spacecraft’s field of view.
Sunlight glimmers around the giant planet’s limb and lights its icy, dusty rings.
The sunlit Earth is light blue.
via NASA Visible Earth: Views of a Distant Earth.

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