The Old Guv Machine Room at Netley.

From right to left. Norm Hodson, Johnny Creswell, Grantley (with beard) on Heidelberg 4, Ray Belt on KSB,  John Cowell and Ian Russell on the other KSB.
On 10 x 15 Heidleberg Platens over by the sink are: Bob Cooper in light coloured shirt and George Palmer in overalls.
Laurie Hussin is on a Vertical behind them and I think way over the back is John Fletcher.
A few of them wore dust-coats but I can’t see who is on the other Vertical.
Note the pieces of stinking conveyor belting (courtesy of a fertilizer company)on the floor at the bed end of the machines. The belting was obtained by Frank Johnson (Overseer). 
This was an attempt to preserve the precious parquet floor from rough bastards dropping heavy formes on it, corner first.
Caxton 1947

One thought on “The Old Guv Machine Room at Netley.

  1. Also, there is a familiar long-haired lad between Johnny C. and George, but I can’t think of his name.


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