“Kick it to me Rags.”

Above: Our Russell’s favourite footy player from the good old days of West Torrens – Lindsay Head.
When I was 16, the Government Printer boys played another Printing Shop (possibly E. S. Wigg and Son) at Aussie Footy.
The match was held at National Park, Belair.
I didn’t have a car or driver’s licence back then, so Russell Wight was kind enough to give me a lift to the game.
When we arrived John Buckby was picking the Team. His Star Player was John Elsdon in the Centre.
Russell was in the forward lines wearing the magical number 17 Lindsay Head jersey.
I was up forward too ,just wandering around.
During the game Elsdon burst out of the centre bouncing the ball on a run up to the forward lines.
Russell was on his own up in the Goal Square. He was screaming out for the Ball.
I yelled out, “Kick it to Russell, Rags!”
“Fuck Him”, shouted Elsdon and with that he kicked a goal from about 50 metres out!
In the car, all the Way home, Russell kept repeating “That Goal Hungry Bastard.” “He should have passed it to me!” “He should have passed it to me!”
On the Monday at work he was still mumbling, “He should have passed it to me!’ “He should have passed it to me!”

3 thoughts on ““Kick it to me Rags.”

  1. I think Rags did the right thing in not passing off to Wussell – have you seen Wussell bowl a cricket ball?!


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