“My Stupid Hip Accident.”


Drawing is of me in 1969 as portrayed by Griffin Press graphic artist Ian Rosewall.

On Wednesday, 13 January, 2016, I quite foolishly fell off my front porch at my home in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

Down I went crashing into the garden and into a nest of ants.

I had broken my hip on my left side. My son Danny dashed out and called the Ambos.

Soon they arrived and for the first time in my life I was given Morphine for the pain.

But, still those little ant blokes kept nipping away at me and I felt them through the morphine haze.

Arriving at Flinders Medical Centre the nightmare began, being slipped on to trolleys was no fun and to be quite honest bloody painful.

On Thursday, 14 January after a procession of doctors, nurses, blood tests and a visit from the anaesthetist I went to the operating theatre to have a pin inserted into my left hip.

A huge man approached me and announced he was the surgeon, by that time I had been infused with blood platelets in order to bolster my very low platelet level.

Low platelet levels can result in a rapid loss of blood if an “accident” was to occur during surgery.

Yep! I could have bled to death right there on the operating table.

The anaesthetists were brilliant putting in a block that prevented pain immediately after surgery, but boy, when that block wore off did I know it!

The operation was a success, but my nightmare stay at Flinders Medical Centre was just beginning.

To be Continued


6 thoughts on ““My Stupid Hip Accident.”

  1. Dion wrote:
    Hi Rod,

    You are right – a lot of people, including myself, were surprised to hear that you had been in hospital and were curious to hear what actually happened.

    Your first installment was a great start to the story – plenty of drama, pain and chaos. Keep up the good work with the rest of the story. There may even be a TV series in it.

    Meanwhile, I hope the pain is over, the hip is healing and that you will be back on deck soon.



  2. Sorry to hear about the accident Rod, sounds as though you’ve got plenty of writing material about it though, you’ll be kept busy for ages. Seriously though, I hope you’re on the mend. Take care.


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