Finch and Dunaway “Network” 1977.

Image: Faye Dunaway at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 29 March 1977 | Terry O’Neill / Getty Images
Faye Dunaway finally won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Network, having been nominated two years earlier for Chinatown and in 1968 for Bonnie and Clyde.
Peter Finch, who played “mad as hell” news anchor Howard Beale, died two months before the awards and was awarded the Best Actor Oscar posthumously.
The movie also won in the Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay categories, with nominations for Best Picture, Sidney Lumet as Director, William Holden, also for Best Actor, Ned Beatty for Best Supporting Actor, and for Editing and Cinematography.
Finch was the only person to win an acting Academy Award posthumously until Heath Ledger’s Best Supporting Actor award in 2009.
Source: BBC Arts – BBC Arts – Best pictures: Capturing the Oscars’ golden moments

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