Russell Wight Remembers.


Here are some names I can remember from my Old Guv Days:
Bob Mason, Don Ledo, Debbie Almond, Margaret Hunt, Keith Luce, Phil Sweet, Alan Baker, Aad Stegink, Tracey Stone, Robin Carter, Frank Mantovan, Peter Reeve, Reg Hartshorne, Fiona Lamont, Jim Scott, Esther Rivett, Phil Romas, Peter Stanbridge, Phil Gamble, Dave Richards, Jan Caught, Ian Mortimer, Frank Timko, Roy Jago, Norma Greenhalgh, Sophie Moursellas, Joy Dawson, Des Brown, Margaret Chennell, Peter Megyery, Chris Smith, Anatoly Onishko, Helga Bargmann, Ray Cochrane, Herb Kiess, Craig Smith, Adrian Chennell, David Elphick, Trevor Roberts, Max Gill, Karen Schaefer, Greg Small, Chris Rochow, Dion Williams, Alan Davis, Charlie Korff, Colin Goodfellow, Jenny Barker and Lorraine O’Loughlin.
With Respect to those of our workmates who are no longer with us.
Sojar (Russell Wight).

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