The Monotype Staff Loved Christmastime.

Photo: Bloody Hell not another Christmas Picture from the Mono Casters and Typesetters.
I’m starting to think that very little work was done in that Room.
They just hung around for 12 months waiting for their next Christmas Party.
They didn’t socialise either, bloody snobs. No ladies are to be seen either.
But, there are a number of unopened bottles of “green death” sitting on the table
Have a go at putting names to faces. But there is one in there that might stump you.
Photo Courtesy of the Korff Family.

4 thoughts on “The Monotype Staff Loved Christmastime.

  1. Dion Williams wrote:
    Here’s a few of the faces I recognize:
    Paul Korff, Burke Stone, Ron Fuss, Ralph Hannant, John Hunkin and Bill Wallace.
    Dion William


  2. Standing L to R
    Paul Korff, Alan Swinstead, Ralph Hannant, Fred Pretty, Ted Burkert, John Hunkin, Neil Cross, Cecil Dodd, Bill Wallace
    Do not know the last person.
    Bert Stone, Peter Reeves, Bert Tinkler and Ron Fuss


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