“Ten of Us” won the Lottery in 1977.

In 1977, in my fourth year at the Guv I was approached by Eric “Crayfish” Myles to take his place in a Comp Room Lottery syndicate called “Ten of Us”.
Eric was unhappy that after a year he hadn’t won any money and he wanted out. But he had to get a replacement to take his spot. I agreed. Eric was relieved.
Several weeks later I was asked to get my first lot of ten Lottery Tickets in the name of “Ten of Us.”
At the time I was living at West Beach and I went to the local newsagent and purchased the ten $2 tickets in the next $70,000 Lottery Draw.
Then I went off on holiday with my girlfriend to Darwin. This included a trip to the Katherine Gorge for five days. So I was not contactable (no mobile phones back then). Eventually, we got back to Darwin.
On the next day about mid morning there was a knock on the door. It was a Journalist and Photographer from the Northern Territory News. “Are you Rod Parham?” he asked. “It’s just that your Mum said you would be here.”
“What’s up?”, I asked. “Well mate, you won $70,000 in the SA Lottery a few days back.” They took a picture and left.
Suddenly, it started to sink in, it was the “Ten of Us” syndicate from the Guv.
But why did they say I had won the $70,000. Then I realised, I had bought the tickets under my name and not the syndicate’s name.
Then the shit hit the fan. I didn’t know that the Adelaide News had interviewed my Mum and she thinking that I had won the whole $70,000 and had said. “My son will probably buy a house and live happily ever after.”
Soon, I was getting angry phone calls from my “friends” in the Syndicate.
“Come back immediately!”
“Don’t piss off to South East Asia.” “We will hunt you down like a dog!”
“While you are slumming around in Darwin Rodney, we could be earning interest on our money!”
Back to Adelaide I went. Then the official Lottery Man came down to the Guv and said,
“Do you know, you don’t have to give any of those blokes a brass razoo.”
But not wanting to die a violent death. I arranged the $7,000 each and then said, “Ya know blokes, we won two $500 consolation prizes for having the numbers before and after the Winning number”. Let’s put in $100 each and have a piss up for our cobbers at the Guv!”
“No way! That will cost us money” they cried. We finally settled on $10 each for a measly car park piss up.
The Measly Car Park Piss-Up
Extreme Left to Right: John Freebairn (Comps), Bill Broyd (Monocasters), Jim Claxton (Monocasters), Dion Willams (Comps), Jack Bell (Comps), Rob Powell (Comps), Warren Pietsch (Gazette), Bill Westendorp (Comps) and John Bryant (Intertype).
TEN OF US WON $70,000…But Not The bludgers above (except for Dion Williams).
When we went to the Marion Hotel to celebrate not wanting any publicity, they told the Pub they were there for Frosty’s 21st Birthday Party.
However, I blabbed to one of the staff and soon the whole of the Marion Hotel knew!
And that’s not all of the story!
Eric “Crayfish” Myles threatened to punch my lights out if I ever told his wife that he had left the syndicate a couple weeks before the win.
Why all the Sevens? It was the 70th draw of the $70,000 lottery and it was drawn in 1977.