“The Railway Station Rort”.

5104232674_a8afe46dc7_zThe Old Guv when situated in the city, was asked to produce a number of Parking Stickers for use in the South Australian Railways employee’s car parking area. The stickers were to be issued to SAR employees only.
An alert Railways car parking attendant noticed that some of his regular customers were driving past him and not parking as they normally did each day.
Minutes later he would observe them sneaking past behind him and entering the Government Printing Office. This went on for a number of days so he took down the rego. numbers of some of his previous customer’s vehicles.
On locating these vehicles in the SAR employee’s car park, he noted that they all had SAR car parking stickers attached to their vehicles.
He immediately informed his boss of the situation and it was discovered that the stickers were produced by the GPO (Oh really!).
On phoning our Superintendent he recommended that the vehicles be removed within 30 minutes as after the deadline the Railway Police would become involved where heavy court fines would be issued.
The press room was told to shut down as a meeting was about to take place.
They were informed about the ‘phone call’ regarding the stickers and those involved were told to remove their vehicles and the stickers and then report back to their Overseer.
Rumour has it that a mob of printers (approximately two thirds of the machine room) were seen belting out the door and racing at breakneck speed to their vehicles in a mad frenzy. Panic set in and cars were going in all directions.
outrageous-photos-from-the-demolition-derby-at-new-jerseys-state-fairIt was likened to a Rowley Park Demolition Derby. At least 6 hours printing time was lost that day.
As they each returned they were all read the Riot Act and advised if it happened again there would be swift punishment.

The Toff