“The Hi-Top Club’s Bus Trip”.


In the 1970s an alternative Social Club was spawned from an incident at an Old Guv picnic.
The children of of one of the Government Gazette comps who was at the Guv’s Picnic went up to get another “AMSCOL Hi-Top Ice Cream” from the strange bearded man looking after the Ice Creams.
The children were told that they had already had enough “Hi-Tops” and so the strange man refused to give them the ice creams  and so in a fit of retribution the children’s father spawned the creation of the “Hi-Top Social Club”.
It was supposed to be a rebel alternative to the GPD Social Club, but it was more a gathering of the “biggest piss heads” from the Old Guv’s Comp Room.
The picture above was of our “infamous” Bus Trip to Victor Harbor.
Unfortunately, some bright clown had decided to get only Bubbly Wine instead of beer for the Trip so you can imagine what happened.
In the picture above Rod Parham (with bottle) can be seen  just before he did his backward triple pike down the circular staircase of the bus.
Kym Frost