Kym Frost.

Kym Frost was born in 1955, the Year of the Jockey. He attended Mansfield Park Primary and Angle Park Tech. As he came from humble beginnings it was no surprise that in 1971 he rocked up to the Old Guv to have a job interview with Don Conigrave commonly referred to as the Mushroom.
The Mushroom asked Kym if he knew what the Vietnam War was? After replying he thought it was an Asian prostitute he was given a tour of what he thought was a Museum. With that he landed a job at the Museum as an Apprentice Compositor.
He started on the Jobbing floor with Vic Byford, a grumpy old Pom who would clip him around the ear and cough and splutter cigarette ash all over him if he stuffed up.
Ken Davis was his Mentor and the likeable red rogue looked after his tiny ‘Tweety’, but it was Chook Preece who gave him his nickname Shrink.
Soon afterwards Shrink became the target of the Gang of Four plus one (Grunert, Preece, Mulcahy, Ramsayand Marwe).
This bunch of pathetics were threatening to blacken Kym’s body with thick black printer’s ink, but Frosty would have none of it.
One day the gang bailed him up, upon which Shrink grabbed a large broom and chased the cowards off making his escape via the paper store.
He joined the ‘Outlaws’ of the Gazette staff who were a law unto themselves. Characters like Jimmy Tennant, Rags Elsdon, Abo Pietsch, Sluggo Novice and Sam Lawn constantly taunted everyone.
But it was the Intertype Room where Kym found his calling, working first as a ‘shit boy’ with The Khaki Balloon and Mooster and marvelling at the brilliant keyboarding skills of Kevin Stone and “Sleepy” Mutrie, he wanted to be an operator.
They worked hard in those days but he was entertained by the bullshit stories of Popeye Nelson and Grubby Hartshorne.
Two years later it was off to Netley. But, it just wasn’t the same.Leaving after nine years Kym spent some time working in Adelaide before venturing over the border to Western Australia.
There he built up an awesome reputation in printing, the mining industry and has contributed much to the training of apprentices and young people working in industry.
Kym has a fifteen year old son Declan who is much smarter than his Dad.
Whether it was at the Guv or the West Adelaide Football Club, Kym Frost was always instantly likeable, good fun to be with and most definitely an Old Guv Legend.