“Griffin Press Workers”.

griffincomps_zps6da5b7191The Griffin Press, Marion Road, Netley was just down the road from the Old Guv in the 1970s.
At the Guv it was sneeringly referred to as “Head Office” and the big boss was a Napoleon like character known as Bryan Price. The final make up of the Griffin Press was a combination of three separate companies (I think).
They were The Griffin Press, The Craftsman Press and Vardon Price. The Griffin was owned and run by Advertiser Newspapers and the Chairman of the Board was the venerable Sir Lloyd Dumas.
The Advertiser was a bastion of conservatism in South Australia (and still is). But it didn’t stop them from publishing Orion Classics (pornography), Playboy and the very raunchy Hustler (Larry Flint’s rag) at Griffin Press..
I’m not sure of what year this photo was taken, probably late 1960s and I can’t see many of the Griffin Comp. Apprentices.
But I can see Bob Crane, Ron “Touch” Walters, Merv Mules (four eyes), Graham Tyler, Hank Bykker (I think) and Colin Giles.


5 thoughts on ““Griffin Press Workers”.

  1. You can’t see me because my solitary week at the Griffin was in September, 1973, KLOWN!


  2. The photo seems to have been taken in the “Telephone Section”, you can see the gangway at top right and the beginning of the office windows in the right hand corner. Going by the ages of the former apprentices there, I would date the photo in the early 70s. From the left: Unknown woman, Darryl (surname synapses in my brain ruptured), Dick Robert’s head in background, Michael Brown, Bob Crane, Colin Giles, a binder’s head in background, Graham Tyler, Cec Vivian, Touche, don’t know the rest of them but your spot on its Hank Byker 2nd from the right. In my dotage, I look back on them as great days. With a camaraderie similar to the “Gov” – I guess nostalgia paints the past in pretty colours.

    Ray McKay


  3. Thanks Ray, You’re right it was definitely the far end of the comp room. i spent two weeks there once which felt like 2 years. Bob Crane was perfect for that job. There was a lovely bloke there who used to art proof hot metal onto film, I think his first name was Leo.


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