Marianne Hunn.

Marianne with Allan Dell in 2010.
Marianne was born on 23 November,1945 in Linz, Austria. She emigrated to Australia in 1949 along with her parents Karl and Giselle Soti (deceased) and sister Ilona.
The family landed at a desolate Outer Harbor and were taken by bus to the Woodside Camp in the Adelaide Hills where a Nissen Hut was to be their home for the next 12 years. They lived not far from the Woodside Army Camp.
During that time Marianne remembers that because of the lack of a 17-inch black and white telly some four siblings were added to the family, they being Karl Junior, Gabriella, Stephan and Eric.
She attended Woodside and Oakbank Area Schools before the family finally shifted down to Adelaide where she finished up at Findon High School before starting as a Junior Stenographer for Philips Electrical Industries at Hendon.
Marianne claims she was never any good at sports and showed very little interest. However, she later took up the sport of fishing and her favourite spot was near the old ICI chemical works near Port Adelaide mainly at night.
Strangely enough, the family seldom received any fish from her outings, but one night she caught a beauty and presented it to the family. Unfortunately she left the price tag on.
Marianne married Peter John Hunn on 6 January, 1968 at Saint Peter’s Church at Glenelg and they have two daughters Julie and Jacqui.
She started at the Government Printer as a Tea lady and ‘Agony Aunt’ and soon become the go to person for rumours, hot gossip and breaking news.
She graduated to the Stores Section as a typist and office clerk and soon became an integral part in the management of Netley Stores. She worked with Con Kolokas and Conrad Rogers.
In her retirement she enjoys gardening and travelling interstate to visit her 6 grandchildren. Marianne says her time at the Guv was full of laughs, good friendships and wonderful memories.
Marianne Hunn you are indeed a Legend.

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  1. I notice Marianne has also made a very sensible comment in this week’s Weekly Times Messenger of what she would like to see happen in the coming Federal Election. Good work Marianne! Victor Potticary.

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