“Hi! from Banana”.

9627646_9_yHi Rod
Sorry we will miss the next lunch we are sitting in a caravan park at Banana. Guess what there are no bananas. As a matter of fact there isn’t much of anything. The caravan park is also the Hotel and Motel and bottle shop. 
And that’s it.
So much for me wanting to do some food shopping but all good because we are going to be dining in the hotel.
PS: hit a kangaroo this morning major damage even though we have a bull bar.  Still driveable. Not good at the beginning of our trip.
He was a pretty big roo.  About 20 minutes after that incident another one shot out in front of us that was pretty close only just missed him and this was at 11am in the morning. Not dawn or dusk when you have to be watching out for them.
See you. Have fun at the Dinner

Marilyn and David Harding

2 thoughts on ““Hi! from Banana”.

  1. Marilyn Harding wrote:

    All the locals are rejoicing because the winter is here and it’s much cooler. Thank God I am not here in the summer I couldn’t handle it. It’s about 27deg today and even though it is lovely it’s warm enough for me. The nights are about 17deg nice and comfortable for sleeping.

    After hitting the roo we had a pit stop at Sarina and David noticed a back tyre losing pressure. We checked it out at a local tyre place and yes it had to be replaced. We had run over a couple of dead echidnas accidentally and the one tyre had 3 needles right through it.

    They say things happen in 3s. It’s true. At the beginning of our trip as we approached Hay David noticed the automatic transmission warning light and the fuel consumption had sky rocketed. Checked in at a Toyota dealer and we discovered that on the last service the mechanic had used the wrong type of oil for the Prado motor. Needless to say the oil was changed and oil filters. It has been running as good as gold ever since.

    Hoping we don’t have any more mishaps.


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