Jack Flack.

img_00951The Government Gazette Staff would sing Jumping Jack Flack’s a Gas, Gas, Gas, and Jack would just shake his head. He was born 28th December, 1935, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London. Princess Diana gave birth to William and Harry there. Unlike Willy and Harry who were destined for greatness, Jack’s future was to become first a Commoner and finally an Aussie.
Jack attended Stanley Park Road and Epson County Grammar in Surrey and then did his Nasho Service from 1957 to 1959 with the RAF. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1963 and after three years with the Kiwis he was deported to Australia on 7th February, 1966, just in time for decimal currency. He married the lovely Helen on 27th December, 1969, at the West Beach Baptist Church.
Jack worked at Griffin Press, Modgraphic, and Harman and Jacka, before starting at the Guv as a relief comp. in 1971, and was offered a permanent job by Good Evans in May, 1972. He caused a lot of anxiety amongst the comps by turning up to work on a strike day. But, Jack made good by donating his day’s wages to charity. Once whilst on sick leave he dragged himself in from his death bed wearing nothing but his dressing gown and slippers to pick up his glittering pay packet.
Once John McInerney tried to embarrass Jack in front of the Gazette Staff.. Jack you don’t smoke or swear. Is there anything that you do to get your kicks? Jack raised his eyebrows like Groucho Marx grinned and said. I’m great at nocturnal activities! He turned, walked away and left Macca absolutely speechless.
Jack took a package in October, 1993 after 21 years at the Old Guv. He became a volunteer tutor for Adult Literacy and Numeracy classes at Woodcroft for 12 years. When elected as the the President of the Camera Club in Port Noarlunga in 2006, he resigned as a Tutor. We suspect there is more money to be made in selling Camera Club calendars, eh! Jack? Jumping Jack Flack, would be English King, Nocturnal Activist, deportee you are a Legend.