Rod Baker.

img_0166-2Rod Baker seems to have been around forever. He was apprenticed to Craftsman Press in the 1960s, prior to them being taken over by Vardon Price and then Griffin Press. I lived with him and his brother Bevan in the early 1970s at Westbourne Park. What a blast man! Cool baby…..

When I moved into Angas Road, Bevan and Rod lived in a tent slap bang in the middle of the lounge, something to do with falling plaster so they said. We used to eat mountains of mash potato for every meal, skillfully prepared by “Bags” and devoured by yours truly and Bevan.??

This was followed by a Nightly Flagon Port Tasting, with the verdict recorded in the back of Rod’s recipe book, “1000 Different Ways to Make Mashed Potato”. St. Halletts Shiraz Port was our favourite!

The two brothers had a Mercedes that looked like a German Army staff car. They would parade it up and down Anzac Highway sitting behind the wheel dressed as Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz, from out of “Hogan’s Heroes”.

Bags was one of the first comps. I knew to get into cold type composition at the Griffin Press and it was great to see him bring his skills to The Old Guv.

He was renowned for his Resurrection of the Fishes and Loaves at Brown’s Beach and his amazing ability to get ten cups of tea out of one tea bag.

Not to say Bags was tight arsed but once when he bought some birthday presents for his young boys to give to their Mum he gave one son the broom handle and the other son the broom head to give to their excited mother.

Rod is firm friends with Bruce “Ginger Meggs” Gow…



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  1. Yes, he was and, probably, still is tight-arsed!
    Scraping the slime off a piece of out-of-date meat to cook up at work was frugal – waste not, want not.
    Scraping the last dregs of jam out of a jar was also frugal – the jar was spotless.
    Peeing behind trees at tea-break was also frugal – it saves water in the loo.
    Let’s just say he was “careful”!


    • Marking his cordial bottle to prevent theft, picking up shredded tires on the side of the road to make thongs. His kids went across the road one day to see some mates and came back and told Bags “they have got a funny TV over there Dad, it’s in colour”.


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