“Long Live the Old Guv”.

Government Printing Office, Adelaide – 1926. The picture that you use of the old Government Printing Office appears to only have the machine room and the first and second floors or what we knew as the composing and jobbing floors. I have best determined that the picture was taken between 1867 and 1885, so I […]

Roger Francis – Part Two.

He loved his association with the cricket club. He would no sooner finish the weekend trip away, then he would have a calendar up on the wall showing the the number of days left for the next trip. He cherished those weekends. He was a person who never had to be asked to contribute. If […]

Roger Francis – Part One.

The following Eulogy was delivered at the Funeral of Roger Francis by Russell Wight. When Gay asked me if I would like to say a few words about Roger, I decided I would jot down a few notes about the type of person he was, or more to the point, how I perceived Roger. Having […]