Grant and Lew.


Grant appears to have Lew Morrison bamboozled in this picture.

I’ve got no doubt that its got something to do with the history and construction of the King William Road site.


7 thoughts on “Grant and Lew.

  1. No, Lew, it’s not a new Scottish dialect – it’s how type looks before hitting the printing press! You were a printer, weren’t you?


  2. I kinda like ‘Stoken’ Biro. Seems to point to proactivity, determination, positive direction which is missing in a lot of Comps. Only they could get passionate about irregular bumps on pieces of hot lead. Re: photo of passionate explanation to L. Morrison. This is tantamount to paparatzism. I was taking Presbyterian confession from the poor boy, but yes it was about back to front and upside down. caxton1947


  3. From Planner 9.For ****’s sake Lew, we can’t change it – you are a machine minder – NOT A COMP!!!!!


  4. LEW to Grantley."Well Grantley, you should have put an explanation on the back of the T-Shirt and the bloody right way round! And, you can stick the $50 up your arse!"Rod


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