Image: Forever In Love – An elderly couple in Vietnam by @diepvan
Love is a complex set of emotions and beliefs, an intense feeling of deep affection and a force of nature that can be found anywhere.
It is one of the strongest feelings that we’ll ever know: love means to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something.
Family, friends, lovers, pets – love is a bond that two people share. When it comes to defining what love means, each one of us can have a unique definition.
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Image: True Bond – Macaque family hug in India by @light_rays
Source: We Asked Photographers From All Around The World What ‘Love’ Meant To Them, And Here Are Their Responses (40 Pics) | Bored Panda

Catching Shrimp in the Morning Dew.

Image Credit: Photograph by Quoc Loc.
Livelihoods in the morning dew
A farmer can be seen catching shrimp in the morning dew on Quan Son lagoon, a district of Hanoi in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam.
Each day, she can catch up to two baskets of shrimp, and each basket can be sold for just two American dollars..
Source: Livelihoods in the morning dew Photo by Quoc Loc — National Geographic Your Shot