Colla and De Young’s Street Creations.


Eddie Colla. Thailand. 2014. (photo © Eddie Colla)
In the descriptive text accompanying these images about their year-end excursion and touristing, they paint an apocalyptic scene – references to sex and prostitution and corruption and citywide celebrations at temples as they say they spread their large format wheat-pastes across Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samet.
Here are the images they contributed to the Thai streetscape and various abandoned lots.
One can only imagine what the children and workers and families walking in these neighborhoods think when they see these images.
For their part, the artists returned to their homes and studios in Oakland and San Francisco to create more work.
Eddie Colla. Thailand. 2014. (photo © Eddie Colla)
Eddie Colla. Thailand. 2014. (photo © Eddie Colla)
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Weerapong Chaipung.

Thai photographer Weerapong Chaipung exhibits both a crisp technical prowess with a storytellers eye in these gorgeous photos.


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‘Spiritual Roots.’

Photograph by Julian Bound, National Geographic Your Shot
On a tour of Wat Mahathat, a temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand, Your Shot member Julian Bound spotted a large stone Buddha head sitting encased in a tree.
“Its roots are said to have grown around the sculpture during a time when the temple lay abandoned and overgrown,” Bound writes.
“Drawn to the uniqueness of the statue, I knelt down to take the shot as rich sunlight played across the Buddha’s features, making sure to capture the ground before the tree to give depth and scale to the image.”
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Mariam an orphaned baby Dugong now safe.

Ko Libong, Thailand
Mariam the dugong is cared for by park officials and veterinarians from the Phuket marine biological centre on Libong island.
The orphaned baby dugong rescued off a beach in Krabi province has captured the hearts of millions on social media and ignited awareness for ocean conservation.
Image Credit: Photograph by Sirachai Shin Arunrugstichai/AFP/Getty Images
Source: The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian

Young Baby Orangutan comes Clean in Ratchaburi.

Ratchaburi, Thailand
A young  baby Sumatran orangutan with its trademark reddish coat is bathed clean after arriving at a wildlife centre in Thailand.
Image Credit: Photograph by Kerek Wongsa/Reuters
Source: Best photos of the day: acrobats and young pioneers | News | The Guardian