“The Supertrees of Singapore.”

They look like a set from a forthcoming science fiction movie but these supertrees in Singapore are very much of this world.
A collection of eighteen of these trees, varying in size from 80 to 160 feet (25 and 50 meters), creates an amazing backdrop for Singapore’s central business district.
What is more, they actually mimic real trees.
Image Credit Flickr User Bill Rosgen
Eleven of these immense structures are fitted with solar panels. The sunlight caught by these energies is converted in to energy which helps to run this thriving business center.
They are part of an area known as Gardens by the Bay. Yet it will be many years before the energy they create recoup their initial cost.
The entire garden, despite its energy-efficient and green credentials, not to mention its increasing reputation as a conservation area for rare plants, cost three quarters of a million United States dollars to build.
Source: The Supertrees of Singapore ~ Kuriositas

“Cityscapes by Yik Keat Lee.”

Yik Keat Lee’s favorite photographs are the ones that give him what he calls the “flashback effect.”
No matter where in the world he is, he makes pictures before they slip away. Brief recollections can last forever if he’s there to photograph them.
The artist lives in Singapore and is currently serving in the country’s military. He taught himself how to make pictures when he was just sixteen, using a phone.
Since then, he’s honed is skills but remains untamed by the “rules” of photography; at twenty years old, he hasn’t lost that spark of youth.These days, Lee travels about three to four times each year.


He thrives most in places that are as unpredictable as he is. He likes Bangkok and Hong Kong because they’re two of the rare places where modernity and tradition collide. The best stories, he suggests, can be found in the contradictions brought on by metamorphosis.


That sense of evolution and striving is at the heart of all of Lee’s work. When asked what inspires him most, he replies simply. An unquenchable thirst for making beautiful images is far more important than anything that can be taught, and in Lee’s mind, you’re either born with it or you aren’t.
“People who want achieve something so badly they think about it all the time” the artist says, “These are the types of people that inspire me.”
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“Splashed Watercolors.”

colorful-animal-watercolor-paintings-tilen-ti-3Watercolor paints have a fantastic way of capturing vital energy and ghostly shades of color that no other medium can, and Tilen Ti, an artist in Singapore, has become an expert at using watercolor paints to their fullest potential.
The animals in his vibrantly colorful works seem to come to life on the page. Ti focuses primarily on various tropical birds though he’s also painted more mundane creatures like cats and snails as well.
He sells his paintings on Etsy, so be sure to check him out!
More info: Etsy | Instagram | Tumblr | Deviantart
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“Dark Fantasy”.

1420675446red_dragon_by_sandara_d6hpycsIt is rare to find a female digital artist illustrating dark fantasy scenes with blue dragons and desert demons.
Sandara is a Singaporean who is fascinated with all sorts of creatures from mythology to video games, movies and comic books.
You are either peeking into a Godzilla film or roaming through World of Warcraft, her visuals are action-packed and beautifully composed.
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