Romania’s autumn fairs delight all ages.

Romania’s autumn fairs delight all ages.
by Vadim Ghirda and Andreea Alexandru.
Romania’s autumn fairs are a loud, colourful reminder that summer has come to an end.
And for many families in poorer areas of the country, they are one of the few affordable events of the year.
Fairs like the one in Titu, northwest of Bucharest, which is on its 187th edition, were the sole public entertainment in 19th-century rural Romania.
It’s a bit more high-tech nowadays, but otherwise little has changed in two centuries. Thousands flock to fields outside small cities, where entertainment areas are set up from mid-week until the weekend.
Music and flashing lights strike visitors on arrival at the fairground, which is constantly engulfed in smoke from the food grills and an endless mix of food flavors.
With a slow shutter speed, a little girl holds her hair while riding in a merry go round at an autumn fair in Rosiorii de Vede, southern Romania.
Image Credit: (AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru)
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Kinetic Steampunk Bar, Romania.

542The authors of the entire design concept, namely the Romanian based designers Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak, previously responsible for the creation of two other worth mentioning works such as The Submarine and Joben Bistro, strike again, this time with an even more unique piece of artistry.
And when we say unique, we mean world-wide unique.
How’s that for brilliant?
A giant moving clock which gives the impression that you are actually inside it, dozens of finely designed steampunk details, rotating wheels, metallic flowers opening up on the ceiling, a live moving bird and even a robot, these are the core attractions of the Romanian pub.
And it is indeed quite a wonder of design.
The works took almost two years to come to life, but the efforts are well worthwhile, offering an unparalleled experience for having your regular cup of coffee at a bar.
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The Underwater Steampunk Submarine Pub.

b5c1dea3ee1bc99d479ff5336d1014f0c2d9245e_660Do you love the idea of enjoying a refreshing drink, several hundred feet under the surface of the ocean?
But without the hassle of actually embarking on a real submarine? Of course you do.
And now, thanks to 6th-Sense Interiors, you can visit The Romanian Sub pub in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca6a405d464bd7954ad5189cb8791e1d017f9dd23c_660
You’ll find torpedoes, radar systems, control panels, periscopes, nautical navigation charts and curved ceilings – everything you’d expect at this submarine-themed bar that lets you enjoy a night out that’s 20,000 leagues under the sea.
It’s all steam punk inspired decor and fun. Make sure you put this spot on your wish list, next time you visit Romania’s second largest city.
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