Big Bash Whenever? update.

Image: “Buggered Boats” (Wikimedia).
Once upon a time a group of old farts and slightly younger farts planned to hold an Old Guv Legends Reunion on April Fools Day, 2020.
Great Idea…You bet.
But then, in a matter of a few weeks it became a “Shipwreck.”
  • The Covid 19 virus hit the World and Australia. Since then life just hasn’t been the same,
  • My Comrades, Alex (Toff) Riley, Judy (Queen of the Turf) Marks and Jenny (The Nice One) Easther have been looking at ways of getting us all together.
  • But with all the outbreaks and restrictions we are “knackered” at this time.
  • However, “The Toff” may have something.    Rod Parham

The Rileys.

The Riley cousins are meeting up on Big Bash Day to celebrate years of friendship and fun. The Riley below is Wayne who I think might be from Darwin. Alex doesn’t tell me much although I notice that Wayne is wearing a Jaguar T-shirt.
Knowing that our Alex would not give it away (T-shirt) I assume Wayne may have a Jaguar. I hope he has.

Meanwhile, here is our Alex bearing a Riley T-shirt. What’s this all about Alex? Here is the answer from Wikipedia.


Industry Automotive
Fate Acquired by William Morris in 1938 thereafter with Morris Motors Limited
Successor Nuffield Organisation
Founded 1896 as The Riley Cycle Company
Headquarters Coventry, England
Key people

Riley was a British motorcar and bicycle manufacturer from 1890. Riley became part of the Nuffield Organisation in 1938 and was merged into the British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1968. ln July 1969 British Leyland announced the immediate end of Riley production, 1969 was a difficult year for the UK auto industry and many cars from Riley’s inventory may have been first registered in 1970.

Today, the Riley trademark is owned by BMW.