Legends Friday Luncheon.

OLD GUV LEGENDS LUNCHEON to be held at Westies Function Centre 57 Milner Road Richmond on Friday 27 November 2020 in the Bistro from 11.30 am At present the Bistro can seat 40 guests only, but this figure could change according to Covid-19 regulations. There may be a Masked Mystery Singing Guest If you wish […]

Big Bash Whenever? update.

Image: “Buggered Boats” (Wikimedia). Once upon a time a group of old farts and slightly younger farts planned to hold an Old Guv Legends Reunion on April Fools Day, 2020. Great Idea…You bet. But then, in a matter of a few weeks it became a “Shipwreck.” The Covid 19 virus hit the World and Australia. […]

The Rileys.

The Riley cousins are meeting up on Big Bash Day to celebrate years of friendship and fun. The Riley below is Wayne who I think might be from Darwin. Alex doesn’t tell me much although I notice that Wayne is wearing a Jaguar T-shirt. Knowing that our Alex would not give it away (T-shirt) I […]