Chris McDonnell.

Chris McDonnell (nee Hurson) started at The Guv at Kent Town in 1966. She worked for 14 years in the Addressograph Section before leaving in 1980. Chris was a very popular person throughout The Guv and one of the most polite ladies I ever came across. Good mates with Trixie, Deidre Hirsch and Marilyn Harding. […]

Ron Garland.

No, it’s not Jason Statham but Ron Garland at the 2010 Reunion at the Buckingham Arms. What would have the Social Club and Cricket Club done without Ron?

Charmaine Ely.

Charmaine was and still is a real sweetie and always had a lot to say when she worked in the Binding Room! OR, Was that her cobber Jenny Easther before she headed up to Photomechanical…? I think it may have been Jenny Photo Mark Noble