Marianne Hunn and Allan Dell.

Marianne Hunn and Allan Dell at “The Buck” (Buckingham Arms Hotel) Old Guv Reunion in 2010. Allan is the person on the right with the glasses. derwombat  

Wendy Dowsett.

Recently, Wendy was looking for someone who could remember her time at Netley. Well, the answer came from a bloke who you can see in the photo above and that was Garth Mugford. Thanks Garth for your help once again. In my time at the Old Guv I found Wendy to be a really helpful […]

Alec and David.

Alec Neilson (Scotsman and Printer) came to Australia with that beloved other Scotsman Lew Morrison who he had worked with in Scotland. They both managed to wangle out of paying the “Ten Pound Pom” fee. Alec left the Guv to start a small printing company. Not bad for a colour blind printer. But that’s another […]

Claire and Kevin.

Left to Right: We have Claire and Kevin McBride (Compositor, Mono Keyboarder and Planner. Both attended the Old Guv reunion in 2010. Photo by Mark Noble. Thank You to Alex Riley for telling us that the lady in the photo is Kevin’s wife, Claire.

Lew and Annette.

Lew Murray (hot metal comp, banjo player and supervisor) with partner Annette Jackson (Paymaster, Accounts and a very helpful person) both at the Old Guv Reunion in 2010. Photo by Mark Noble.

Ron and David.

Ron Morris (Binding section) and David Aitken (Photomechanical) at the 2010 Old Guv Reunion. You could not get two more “gentlemanly” gentlemen. Photo by Mark Noble.

John, Rod, Leigh and Warren.

Pictured at the 2010 Reunion from Left to Right are: John (Rags) Elsdon, Rod (Bags) Baker, Leigh McCormack (King of Hansard Overtime) and the late Warren (Abo) Pietsch. Photo: Mark Noble.

David and Colin.

David McQueen, Compositor and successful sales manager and the one and only Colin Rawlings, Comp Room Leading Hand at the 2010 Old Guv. Reunion. Photo by Mark Noble.