Shamma Esoof’s Sad Owl.

We tipped you off about Daisy, the cutest kitten in the world, and we introduced you to Champ, the happiest dog on earth. Now, it’s time to call your attention to one very unfortunate owl. Drenched in rain, he’s got to be the saddest looking owl we’ve ever seen. Photographer Shamma Esoof shot this bird […]

Snowy’s Departure, Quebec.

A male snowy owl on a cold winter afternoon kicking up some snow as he takes off Photographer: Jose Albero Terrebonne, Canadian Member since 2014. Awards Photo of the Day: Copyright: © Jose Albero. All rights reserved. Image Source: digitalDate. Photo Location: Quebec, Canada Source: Snowy Departure | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian

‘The Owls are Back’.

Austin Thomas Owls are absolutely stunning creatures – their deep and piercing eyes and haunting hoots are the stuff of myths and folktales. Perhaps that’s why we love these beautiful owl photos so much! Paul Bannick Since ancient times, owls have captured the imaginations of various cultures as harbingers of death, doom, bad […]

‘Wise Owls’ by Sasi Smith.

Owls are known around the world as a symbol of wisdom and beauty, which Thai photographer Sasi Smith intuitively captures in his mesmerizing photographs. Smith is an experienced cameraman who focuses mainly on parrots, but he also has a vast collection of owl images that are both adorable and captivating. This type of photography can […]

Owls of the Czech Republic.

Featured here are some beautiful photographs captured by Allerlei, who comes from the Czech Repbulic. She is a young and impressive photographer who is truly an artist, professional scout and incredibly talented  geek. She takes pictures of a range of wildlife and doesn’t restrict herself to only one animal. We have also featured another post […]

A Cute Tiny Wet Owl.

After this super adorable photo of an owl hiding from rain took the internet by storm, we decided to reach out to the photographer Tanja Brandt to tell us more about it. I got “Poldi, our little owl when he was five months old. He didn’t want to come out his egg and he was […]

Barking Owl in Flight.

A barking owl in flight, photographed near Cairns. The barking owl (Ninox connivens), also known as the winking owl, is a nocturnal bird species native to mainland Australia and parts of Papua New Guinea and the Moluccas. They are a medium-sized brown owl and have a characteristic voice that can range from a barking dog […]

‘Owls’ by John Pusateri.

Using pencils, charcoal, and pastels artist John Pusateri creates near photo-realistic drawings of beautifully colored owls. Pusateri currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec, New Zealand and  has a number of works available through Seed Gall. See more from this owl series in his portfolio. (via devid sketchbook, thnx jessica) via Colored Owl […]

The Tasmanian Masked Owl.

Author and Photo by Sandra – Tasmania. Our beautiful Tasmanian Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae castenops) was once described by John Gould (biologist) as ‘…a species distinguished from all other members of its genus by its great size and powerful form. Probably, few of the Raptorial birds, with the exception of the Eagles, are more formidable […]

Baby Western Screech Owls.

Facebook/Wildlife Leaving the nest can be hard — luckily these two baby owls got some human help after their first attempt at flight didn’t exactly pan out. The fledgling Western screech owls were brought to WildCare, a wildlife rehabilitation center outside of San Francisco. The babies were brought to WildCare’s animal hospital “after their inaugural […]