Dean Smith & Jim Cleveland, Reunion 2012.


Dean “Gomer” Smith (Offset Printer and amazing Tattoo Artist), and Jimmy Cleveland (Despatch,  parliamentary courier, and part time cricketer) enjoy Reunion 2012.

Photo by Mark Noble

Helen and Jack Flack, OGL Reunion 2010.

Helen is a real live wire, great conversationalist and amazing worker for “Meals on Wheels.”
Jack a former Reader, Quality Assurance Officer and Compositor, is now quite an accomplished photographer with the Noarlunga and Southern District Camera Club.
Helen and Jack are regular attendees at our Legends Luncheons.
Photo by Mark Noble

Marianne Hunn, OGL Reunion 2010.

img_0155-1-scaled500Marianne was born in Linz, Austria. Linz is a beautiful city and was instrumental in the early development of printing.
1024px-Neuer_Dom_LinzPhoto: Linz Cathedral (Wikimedia)
She started at The Old Guv as a a Tea Lady progressed to the Front Office and worked in the Stores section..
When interviewed by the Guv’s “Interface” Magazine in 1988, Marianne said the best ever time she had in her life was behind the ICI Chemical Works back in the 1960s. A bit suggestive I would think.
Back in those days Marianne wanted to retire to a Hippy commune, I don’t think that ever happened.
When I bumped into her at our past Reunion Luncheon, Marianne had a very hazy recollection of what really happened behind the ICI Chemical works. She paused then a huge smile appeared on her face.

Pics from our past Luncheon.


Pictured: Pam Palmer (Publications, Netley) and Michael Burnett (Despatch) at the Old Guv Luncheon held Friday, 24 February 2017, at the West Adelaide Football Club.


Pictured: The one and only Marianne Hunn came with her best friend (Marianne, I have forgotten her name. Apologies.)


Pictured: Jack Flack (Photomech, Quality Control, Reader) and Jenny Easther (defacto boss of Photomech.) with Alex Riley (The Toff) lurking in the backround.


Pictured: Judy Marks, who has done a wonderful job in getting some of her old workmates along to the Luncheons. Thanks Judy!