“Photomechanical Staff in 1987.”

GPD 1987 005

G’day Rod
Here’s a picture for you.
The photo mechanical crowd from Netley taken in 1987. Most of the names I can remember and are listed below (with a few gaps).
You’ll be interested to see the late Bob Miller (who recently featured in one of your updates). He was passing through when I took the picture and no doubt wanted to join in. 
Cheers Mark Noble
Left to Right: Barry James, Alan Baker, Aldus Bogdanovs, Clive Baker, Rob Bruin, Ken Shevlin, Phil Pocock, Herb Kiess, Peter Gates, Keith Luce, Kaarel Lume, Rod (Bags) Baker, Bob Miller, Sandie Bruce, Felicity Turpin and Trina Butters.

Peter Humby.

This Article appeared in the August, 1979 Edition of “Points” Magazine.
To many of us a stamp collection is an activity we encourage in our children to keep them quiet and out of our hair.
But, to Peter Humby this scarcely could apply. His collection of stamps is superbly presented and catalogued. Peter claims that the only person who has a superior collection to his is Queen Elizabeth II.
He is the current Secretary of the Southern Districts Philatelic Society.
His collection includes a number of pre-federation South Australian stamps, forgeries, flight covers, and turn of the century British Post Cards.
Peter cycles to the Guv and outside of work uses his tredley to collect 5 cent deposit drink cans.
Some of his workmates have been absolutely amazed when they have seen Peter pouncing on unsuspecting cans whilst cycling at top speed.
He is one of the remaining members of the old Photo Lithographic Branch of the Department of Lands before they were absorbed into the Government Printing Office.