The Lone Tree, Otago.

Image Credit: Photograph by Nigel Moyes · · From Snapped: Your Top 3 in 2014 Travelled to New Zealand in the deep south mid winter and shot this dawn image of the famous Lone Tree – it was very chilly around minus 2 and I was lucky that the birds were staying nice and still […]

Reflection on Lone Tree, Lake Wanaka.

Photograph by Yusri Salleh, National Geographic Your Shot In May 2015, Your Shot member Yusri Salleh took his “first photo adventure,” a ten-day trip to New Zealand, where he captured this image of the famed lone tree of Lake Wanaka. Setting the scene required some consideration. “When we arrived at the planned location, there were […]

Mount Ngauruhoe by Jules Drayton.

Mount Ngauruhoe Image Credit: Photograph by Jules Drayton, (United Kingdom). Mount Ngauruhoe is an active volcano, made up from layers of lava and tephra, she rises to 2291m. It is the youngest vent in the Tongariro National Park and first erupted about 2,500 years ago. Although seen by most as a volcano in its own […]

‘Owls’ by John Pusateri.

Using pencils, charcoal, and pastels artist John Pusateri creates near photo-realistic drawings of beautifully colored owls. Pusateri currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec, New Zealand and  has a number of works available through Seed Gall. See more from this owl series in his portfolio. (via devid sketchbook, thnx jessica) via Colored Owl […]

Milky Way, Dunedin.

Image Credit: Photograph by Stefan Mutch, My Shot This was taken on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin, New Zealand. I was hoping to capture some aurora activity. There was no aurora that night, but there was high humidity, so the light from the city was reflected over the entire sky, even though we were well […]

The Magic of New Zealand.

Magic of New Zealand, Image Credit: Photograph by Jingshu Zhu Winner of the landscape category. Sydney accountant Jingshu Zhu captured her winning landscape-category portfolio on a trip to New Zealand’s South Island in August 2017, a place she describes as a paradise for landscape photography Source: Australia’s 2018 Photographer of the Year awards – in […]

Guardians of Lake Wakatipu.

Image Credit: Photograph by Brad Grove. Trees stand like guardians at the top of Lake Wakatipu on New Zealand’s South Island. Says Brad Grove, a member of our Your Shot community: “I first discovered these trees by the Glenorchy jetty back in April 2011 and had never really been happy with my efforts to shoot […]

The Fox Glacier, Tai Poutini National Park.

The 8.1 miles of the Fox Glacier in New Zealand’s Westland Tai Poutini National Park form an ever-transforming terrain of ice caves and glacial terminal that is bordered on all sides by rainforests and mountains. photograph by anoldent/Flickr user Along with its neighbor Franz Josef Glacier, it’s one of the world’s most accessible glaciers for […]

Beautiful Milford Sound.

Milford Sound, perhaps New Zealand’s most famous scenic location, was long overlooked by early sailors and explorers, who didn’t realise the narrow entrance concealed an enormous and beautiful interior. It wasn’t discovered by Europeans until 1812. Named the eighth ‘wonder of the world’, its actually one of the wettest places on Earth, with rainfall creating […]

‘The Stanhope Press’.

Nearly 400 years after the birth of letterpress printing in Europe, a press came ashore with early settlers in New Zealand. William Colenso (1835), was the first real New Zealand book printer with his “Stanhope” press, creating Maori and general ecclesiastical items. A drawing of the original Stanhope press design. None of these are known […]