The Day Dad Lost 800 Pounds.

Back in the early 1970s my parents booked a conducted tour of England and the continent. At a pre-departure meeting my father asked the Tour Director what was the safest way to carry money. The Tour Director advised my dad to purchase several men’s singlets and cut patches out of one and sow the patches […]


At the Old Guv and Netley Offices, all Comps at some time or other got the Clap! If you were standing around talking to someone for more than five minutes, the word would go around the room and everyone one would watch and wait for you and your fe…

The Flippers and Floppers of the Old Guv.

Flippin’ and Floppin’ were swear words used by our Salvation Army workmates. The two main users of these swear words were Bert Cotton and the late Ivan Merrett. Porky, Trevor Roberts and Steve Jones (Monocaster) would also use these words freely w…

‘That’s 2 T’s in Merrett.’

Robert Padfield was the sort of person who should never have worked in the Printing Trade. For a year or so, he used to pick Parham up on the way to the Netley Complex. He was a huge laugh and also good mates with John Freebairn, another apprentice comp. He resented authority and disliked Ivan […]

For Bob Miller the Toff’s prank was no Joke.

  “Here’s a little story mate about The Toff’s cruelty to his fellow man  and  it goes like this….” One winter’s day Alex is on his way to work at Netley, and the rain was fairly bucketing down. Alex had just driven past the Rex Hotel when he spies the late poor old Bob Miller […]

Sam Lawn outfoxes The Toff.

Alex The Toff Riley when a Sales Officer would often return to State Print around 4.00pm. After settling in he would ring Brian Grubby Hartshorne to enquire about his jobs in progress throughout the plant. On this day Grubby’s phone was not answered. Bugger me says Riley and departs for Grubby’s office after phoning another […]

Tony Harris, trades Bookbinder.

Tony was born in the county of Surrey in the South of England. He came to Australia in March, 1964 as a “Ten Pound Pom” after answering an advertisement for a trades Bookbinder. His decision to migrate was as a result of stories his father had told him when he was a young fellow. He […]

Early days at the Netley Complex.

Since our arrival at the Netley complex on 2nd January, 1974, members of the Machine room have grown used to change. From that first day of seeing all the machines set out in organised rows, there has been constant change of machines being moved here, there and everywhere. Two events in recent times have caused […]

1981 Christmas Party.

Dear Rodney, I found this old photo the other day which I thought you might like for your files. It was taken at the 1981 Guv Christmas Party held in the quadrangle between the Main plant and the Planning and Pay Offices. Left to Right are: David Barber (Apprentice Comp), Jamie Black (Apprentice Machinist), Kym […]

Sam the ‘Security Man’.

Sam was a big red headed bloke who was an Internal Courier at the Old Guv Netley Complex. Always had a lot to say, listened in on conversations and talked a lot of bullshit. Just like all of us! I believe that in his younger days he was a pretty fair Footballer and Professional Sprinter […]