A Girl and Her Pet Rabbit.

Whimsical drawings of a girl and her pet rabbit by Korean artist Coniglio based in Milan.
The two friends go on adventures together but what makes these illustrations intriguing is you can never see their faces and are always facing away from the viewer, which makes them mysterious.
I wanted to draw something that I can share memories or emotions with people that look at my drawings.
I geot inspired by memories when I was a kid, mostly, but also from random things, emotional moments too.
That is why some of my drawings are like childhood, or sometimes more like fantasy things.
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via A Girl and Her Pet Rabbit: Drawings by Coniglio – Faith is Torment.

“Pikachu’s Everywhere”.


If you’re a fan of Pokemon then you’re going to be really excited to hear that Pikachus invaded  Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza after their recent success at the Pikachu festival in Japan’s second-largest city, Yokohama.

“An Asian Touch by Obsidian”.

Obsidian-Disney-illustration-2An illustrator gives an Asian touch to European tales and Disney classics.
The creations of Na Young Wu, aka Obsidian, a Korean illustrator who likes to give a nice Asian touch to famous European tales and Disney classics with a beautiful series of illustrations, from The Little Mermaid to Snow White through Alice in Wonderland, The Beauty and the Beast, The Little Red Riding Hood or The Snow Queen.
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