Drummer Boy, O.T. & Nobby.

Each week the superintendent Merv “Nobby” Clark would walk up and down the Jobbing room asking everyone if they wanted to work Overtime (Tuesdays and Thursdays). After months of David Copley, (the Drummer Boy) always saying, “No, Thanks, Mr. Clark”, Merv stopped asking him. Copley went to the “Clicker” Fred Hardwicke and said to Fred, […]

‘Pies and Pastys’.

When we worked Saturday morning Overtime John “China” Buckby would get up a Pie and Pasty list for Morning Tea. I was given the list and money and told by Buckby, “Go and get the Pies from the Railway Station Cafeteria and the pastys from the Bank Street Deli.” “Get f**ked” I would say. “I’m […]

‘Er..better not to get involved.’

Baiting Jim Hosking was a Gazette pastime. Jim had a cupboard near his desk. Inside he kept the blue time docket pads and bars of Soap. About 10 minutes before knock off Allan Orrock would go to Jim and ask him for a docket pad. Jim would get his key out, undo the cupboard give […]

Harry the Horse and The Toff.

This photo is of the late Harry Kinder (an excellent English Compositor). Note: Harry who was ‘old school’ always wore a tie to work. The other person in the photo is a quite young Alex (The Toff) Riley. Apparently Alex was a nice person with hair in those days. However, he was later to become […]

Harry a Huge Bloody Dog and Me.

It was time for the 2 o’clock mail run. With a full kitbag I went out the front door of the GPO. The first stop was Government House. I crossed King William Road and walked towards the Main gates. A big burly copper came out of his little office to open the side gate for […]

Government Print Honour Board.

Location: Army Museum of South Australia, Keswick Military Barracks, Adelaide. An ornate polished wooden honour board from the Government Printing Office Staff. It is divided into four sections; the upper section contains the coloured flags of Australia and Britain. The lower section is divided into three columns, the centre column is further divided into two, […]

‘The Wacka.’

Caption: “Is that a wacka alert whistle we can hear in the distance?” In the Language of the Old Guv Printing Office nothing was more important to hear the announcement of a new “Wacka”. Why? A “wacka” was a juicy rumour so important that an instant crowd of workers would gather on hearing the wacka […]

Old Guv Nicknames.

Here are just a few that come to mind: “The Toff, Planner 9 or Cruel Man” – Alex Riley (snob and Jaguar Owner). “Sputnik” – Edgar Andrews (would only see him once every hour). “Ankles” – Ron Fletcher (Boss who was three feet lower than a ####). “The Flash” – Don Woolman (Grubby Hartshorne claims […]

John ‘Whiskey’ Walker.

The late John ‘Whiskey’ Walker, a hot metal compositor started at the Old Guv in the 1960s. Canteen lady Kath Wing had a soft spot for John but called him ‘The Cheapskate’. Every morning John would order a single cut plain bread roll from Kath. To save money he would take it back to his […]

Hansard Shift 1947.

Don’t forget to right Click to view Image in larger format. Photo: Ron Hamence, Colin Lindquist and Bob Herriman. The job of course is Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) and its the Composing Room at King William Road, Adelaide. This Method of production remained pretty much the same until the late 1970s, early 1980s. Photo courtesy of […]