Dawn Fraser & Big Pretzel at the Adelaide City Baths.


A Photo of the Adelaide City Baths taken in 1919 (SA Collections).
The Old Government Printing Office was right next to the old Adelaide City Baths in King William Road.
Both the City Baths and the Old Government Printing Office buildings have been gone for many years now.
A Slim and Great Aussie Swimmer, Dawn Fraser.
Adelaide entertainer and celebrity Big Pretzel in Vietnam, 1966.

Photo: The Crazy Horse Striptease Revue, Hindley Street, Adelaide in the 1970s where Big Pretzel danced.
When the weather was hot and it was Ladies and Girls day at the City Baths I am sure there would have been typesetters, comps and binders hanging their leering and sinful heads out of the ground floor window and lusting after the semi nude female talent on display below in the pool.
During the 1950s the centre of attraction was a young and fit Dawn Fraser who was training for the Olympics and was Sunbathing with her mate the equally young “Big Pretzel” a legendary singer, dancer and striptease artist.
A Photo taken by Paul Korff of the City Baths being pulled down.
It was probably out of one of the Guv’s windows that the late Paul Korff (Monotype Operator) who took the above picture peered down the lane just in time to see his wonderful little car which had just been stolen disappearing around the corner and down King William Road. Gone.

‘The underground Tunnel’ near the Old Guv.

Did you know there was an old railway tunnel just near the Old Guv building in King William Road?
Well there was!
As far as I know it was built in 1886 to service the old Exhibition Building and the Exhibition Oval near Kintore Avenue.
My grandfather Cyril used to tell me that there was a tunnel under King William Road which continued on from the Adelaide Railway Station to the Exhibition Oval in Kintore Avenue.
They held the Royal Adelaide Show there in the late 19th Century as well as some international  sporting events.
These Showgrounds was later transferred to their current position at Wayville.



Printing WWII Food Ration Books at the Old Guv.

Two supervisors (unknown) checking the ration book printed sheets as they come off the press.
One of the South Australian Government Printing Office’s main functions during the Second World War (1939-1945) was to provide security and support for all aspects of the Australian war effort.
This included printing the Food Ration Books for the civilian public which as you can imagine were tightly controlled by the South Australian State Government.

Tony Harris, trades Bookbinder.

Tony was born in the county of Surrey in the South of England.
He came to Australia in March, 1964 as a “Ten Pound Pom” after answering an advertisement for a trades Bookbinder.
His decision to migrate was as a result of stories his father had told him when he was a young fellow.
He started at the State Library Binding Section and spent a long nine months there.
He finally made it to the Government Printing Office in March, 1965.
Four years later he became a Leading Hand in the Hand Binding Area of the “Old Guv”.
Tony’s main interest outside of work is collecting and studying colonial military firearms.
He has spent many hours researching his hobby in the State Archives with a view to publishing his research in Book form.
Article from “Points” Magazine, published August, 1979.
Special Thanks to Tony for donating numerous publicatios to the Old Guv Legends

Hot Metal Hansard Staff 1961.

Photo from Left to Right: Rex (Fritzy) Wells, Glyn Paul, Jim Hosking and the one and only Bruce Lockier.
Everyone please note that the compositors in this photograph are wearing a tie with a white shirt. It was the uniform of the day for the mid-century tradespeople.
What Bloody Wankers they were back then…
Thanks to Russell Wight (Sojar) for the use of this photograph.

The Man at the Window.


Image: The Adveriser, Adelaide, South Australia taken in 1956.
Dear Brother Parham,
Stolen Biro and the Bulldog here from the Badlands.
We have found a picture of the Old City Baths in King William Road, Adelaide.
The picture was taken (we believe) around 1956, with lots of young nubile boys jumping into the water and cavorting together in the pool.
Next door you can see the Old Guv Printing Office, as plain as day.
But when you look up at the top floor Rodney, their appears to be a face at the window.
Is it a woman, man or beast or a figment of our imagination?
Can you help us?
Stolen Biro and Bulldog.