The Nebitype, the Typesetter from Hell.

The Year was 1968. I was completing my composing apprenticeship with the Griffin Press, Marion Road, Netley. My foreman was Alf Freeman, a bald Englishman who had come from England to originally work at the Government Printing Office. Alf had left after a couple of years for the Griffin. There I met Nick Penn, Colin […]

Seagull has a fag in Rome.

A pesky seagull which is just one of the thousands that annoy tourists and citizens of Rome holds a cigarette in its beak near the Roman Forum on 11 March  2017 in Rome. Image Credit: Photograph by #Tiziana Fabi / AFP / Getty. Source: Photos of the Week: 3/11–3/17 – The Atlantic

Fracastoro, the Syphilis Poet by Titian.

Original Painting of Fracastoro by Titian. A notorious 16th-century Italian’s portrait was acquired by the National Gallery in London in 1924. His name? Girolamo Fracastoro. His claim to fame? A word for the sexually transmitted disease that was terrifying his countrymen—syphilis—was derived from a poem he wrote. The portrait was damaged, darkened by varnish, and […]

The Laughing Dormouse by Andrea Zampatti.

The laughing dormouse. Andrea Zampatti’s dormouse, taken in Italy, wins the On the Land category of the competition. Image Credit: Photograph by Andrea Zampatti / Barcroft Images Source: The 2017 comedy wildlife photography awards | Environment | The Guardian

Light from Above, Santa Maddalena.

Light from Above. The picture “Light from above” was taken in September 2016 in Santa Maddalena, Dolomiten, Italy. Beautiful light and humidity stood behind the nice play of light and shadows that morning. I was waiting as the small church was illuminated by the very first rays of Sun. Image Credit: Photograph by Peter Svoboda, […]

Dragonfly visits Milan’s ‘Library of Trees.’

Milan, Italy A dragonfly perches on a pine branch at the ‘Library of Trees’ public park. Transforming the grey city, began with the planting of seeds in September and by trees and plants in November 2017. There will be 450 trees from 19 species, 90,000 plants including hedges, shrubs and climbers. The “Library of Trees” […]

‘Riding the Dreams’ by Pixel Pancho.

Riding the Dreams – The latest street art creations of Pixel Pancho – Artistes Street Art We present a new selection of street art creations by Pixel Pancho, this Italian artist based in Turin which we have already talked about several times. This prolific artist offers us again some very beautiful and poetic creations, skillfully […]

Italian Nuns First in Print, 1484.

The Nuns of San Jacopo di Ripoli Italian, active 1476-1484 “Incunabula,” from the Latin for “swaddling clothes,” are the earliest books printed in the West, specifically those dated before 1501. The first documented instance of women actually employed in printing comes from a manuscript kept at the Convent of San Jacopo di Ripoli in Florence. […]

Treehouse Apartment, Torino.

Shrouded in 150 trees that absorb 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, this massive five-story, block-spanning residential building occupies its own protected inner-city ecosystem. Located in Torino, Italy, 25 Verde was designed by Luciano Pia (images by Beppe Giardino) to serve both the residents of the complex as well as the surrounding urban environment. […]