The Caves of Iceland.

Ice cave… Since I live in Iceland, these two words resound in my mind.
I’ve seen the majestic glaciers, volcanoes and all the other wonders of Iceland.
I went down inside a volcano, I flew over a live eruption but the ice caves kept attracting me with what I was seeing on the web,
I finally had the chance to go in the beginning of this winter to the south Iceland in the area of the giant Vatnajökull glacier with a real specialist of this kind of environment.
It was early in the season so we went directly to the safest cave they found this year, this one is called the northern lights ice cave because of the ash inclusion in the ice roof of the cave.
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Breathtaking Shots of Iceland.

breathtaking-travel-photography-in-iceland-by-max-muench-0-900x506The Berlin-based photographer Max Muench takes us into Iceland, where he traveled in April.


A compilation of vast stretches, waterfalls and golden lights, sometimes taken from the air, and other times from the ground.


If you want to follow his daily adventures and travels, visit his Instagram account.
Source: Breathtaking Travel Photography in Iceland by Max Muench – Fubiz Media

Gljúfrafoss Waterfall.

Gljúfrafoss, Iceland – Photos by Ravi Sarma
Waterfalls can make for some of the most magical vistas in the world as they carve solid rock into often incredible formations.
Such is the case with Iceland’s Gljúfrafoss waterfall, which is almost completely hidden behind a cliff face.
The waterfall has driven a mossy cylindrical chamber into the rock which can only be reached through a thin crack in the outside cliff wall.
Once through the crack, explorers are hit with the incredible majesty of the hidden waterfall as it crashes into a pool at the base of the cave.
The interior of the cave is near completely covered in a thin carpet of greenery thanks to the continually moist surroundings.
Iceland’s natural wonders don’t get much more wondrous than this secluded water-work.
Source: Gljúfrafoss | Atlas Obscura

Infrared Landscape of Iceland.

AndyLee1Created by Photographer Andy Lee.
Blue Iceland is a captivating series filled with dark skies and moody atmospheres across the stunning landscape of Iceland.
Created by UK-based photographer Andy Lee, the series is a unique presentation of a place that is typically represented as vibrant green rolling hills and the crystal spring waters of the Blue Lagoon.
To record each mysterious scene, Lee waits with great patience to identify the perfect moment and then captures the wonders of nature through his infrared lens.
The compositions are filled with the intense contrast of dark shadows and bright sunlight radiating across the tips of mountaintops and through the clouds.
Lee’s creative perspective transforms an otherwise bright and sunny place into a dramatic and intriguing world filled with artificial colors.
Each location is eerily void of people, which adds to the sensation of enchanting intrigue throughout the land.
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The Magic of Iceland.

by Julija Nėjė
Even if you are living under a rock, you must have heard already that Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
With only around 320,000 people living there, the country is now becoming packed with tourists flying in from all over the world, coming to see its rich nature.
Roaring volcanoes, deep fjords, sharp mountains and glaciers, the country has everything under its roof.
Not convinced?
Then check out this list compiled by Bored Panda of the best photographs of Iceland we could find.
With lots of new flights opening to Iceland recently, you can find rather cheap tickets if you search long enough, however, this might be the only thing you can expect to save up on.
On the plus side, you might be lucky and see the Northern Lights.
If you’re traveling in the summer you’ll have all the daylight you need in order to see a lot in one day, since the night almost never comes.
On the downside, the most famous landmarks will be packed with tourists.
A good way to save up some money then is to stay in tents or find a Couchsurfing host rather than going to a hotel.
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Iceland showcases Nature’s Artistry.

Iceland1Photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee has revealed that Iceland is a country filled with sunset colors and heavenly landscapes. “The light during midnight sun is a surreal and unforgettable experience,” Lee mentions.
“Hues of pinks, purples, reds and oranges that you may be lucky to see for a few minutes during a normal sunrise/sunset can explode for hours in an epic display of nature’s masterful artistry.
Iceland4The photographer did encounter some difficulties during his creative process.
“Shot over two weeks from late June through early July in Iceland, finding the best spots to experience these conditions was not easy,” he explains. “We had to navigate Iceland’s fickle weather.
The southern half of the island was storming most of the time. Knowledge of the island’s various micro climates and scenic locations were important in figuring out where to go for any given night

Source: Breathtaking 4K Timelapse of Iceland Showcases Nature’s Masterful Artistry – My Modern Met